Admittedly, it’s hard to find an unbiased source to settle this hotly contested issue. Women who love beards are very vocal. Women who hate beards are just as emphatic. Companies that sell shaving products have videos about women who hate beards, and companies that sell beard products have just the opposite. 

Smoky Mountain Beards is a company founded by a man and his wife. Our founder’s wife loves his marvelous beard. Our team has been entertained by reading reviews from women who love the scent of our products. They also love the look and feel of their man’s beard after using our products. Our not-so-scientific research methods lead us to infer that these women love themselves a bearded man. 

In reality, there’s just one woman we want to keep happy. Just like we tend to have types and preferences when it comes to physical attraction, some women really dig guys with beards. Others, not so much. 

Rather than feeling so strongly about it, most women are somewhere in between. Usually, women who express disdain toward beards are actually concerned about poor beard hygiene.

If a beard does not look to be well kept, a woman may jump to unsavory conclusions about the man behind the beard. When a woman goes in for a kiss, she has to put her face pretty close to a beard. Especially if she’s not used to dating a mustachioed man, she can be a little concerned about all of those tall tales about bits of food and who knows what else being stuck inside a beard. 

No matter how full or long your beard is, you can keep it neat in appearance. Comb it every now and then, and develop a routine of regular trimming. Use beard oil, to give your beard luster. A dusty, dry beard looks poorly managed. If you need a stronger hold, beard balm and a beard brush can help to tame your mane. A great beard that is well-groomed can be super attractive, even for a woman who does not like beards. 

We all like what we like, and no one, man or woman, should be faulted by that, but take it from some of us older guys who have had beards for a long time. Women love to run their fingers through a well kept beard.

By Smoky Mountain Beards Co.


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