If you go through all the trouble of smelling good, you want it to last. With regular cologne, most men have to resort to reapplying throughout the day to keep the scent going. With solid cologne, that’s unnecessary. Solid cologne is the scent that keeps on giving. Here’s why you need to use it:

Long-Lasting Scent

The fragrance is based in wax rather than water, so it has more staying power from the start. The application of solid cologne also makes a difference. Solid cologne is made to apply at the pulse points. It’s easy to remember because these are the same places you would take your pulse, namely your wrist and your neck. These are warm spots where blood flows freely. Your body will naturally keep the wax of the solid cologne warm and fragrant throughout the day, giving you extra boosts of your fresh scent throughout the day.

Our solid colognes come in five signature scents. Bootlegger smells like sandalwood and bourbon. Whiskey Barrell is a blend of vanilla and oak. Cabin Smoke has notes of mahogany, tobacco, and spices. Bay Rum is the star of our White Lightnin’ fragrance, and Cumberland blends the aromas of cedar and leather.


If you did need to keep on reapplying your solid cologne, it would be very easy to. Our solid cologne comes in a thin, one-ounce metal can. It’s compact enough that you can put it in your pocket or your bag. You don’t have to worry about a glass bottle leaking fragrance everywhere. It’s also great for traveling because you don’t have to worry about getting a liquid in a small enough container to take on a plane. 

Easy to Use

Our solid colognes come in small containers because, as they say, a dab will do ya. You don’t need to rub a copious amount of solid cologne all over yourself. Just massage a little into your wrist or on your neck, and you’re all set for the day. 

Sometimes wearing cologne can be downright embarrassing if the smell is just too overbearing. Solid cologne is a much tamer scent. It blends with and enhances your natural smell. To others, you’ll seem like a man who just naturally smells good, rather than a man who learned his fragrance habits from middle schoolers after gym class who still believe that a cloud of body spray can replace a good shower. 

Quality Ingredients

Smoky Mountain Beards’ solid colognes are based in beeswax. Jojoba oil is the carrier oil, and there are other oils for the fragrance of your choice. There are no phthalates or alcohol, so you don’t need to worry about drying out or irritating your skin. Since our solid colognes are made with wax and oil, you can wash them away with a little soap and water when you want to. You don’t have to worry about the smell sticking to you no matter what. 

Solid cologne is your ticket to ride the roller coaster of smelling amazing without a lot of fuss. Time to ride!

By Smoky Mountain Beards Co.


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