In February, plenty of people have love on the brain. Whether you’re preparing for an interview, a first date, or just trying to make a new friend, life is much easier when you have a strong sense of confidence. Here are three things that any man can do to instantly increase his confidence:

Practice Conversation

Even in our modern age, so many social interactions hinge on talking. Some people are introverted, and some people are extroverted. There’s nothing wrong with being either way. If you're a naturally quiet person, you don’t have to become the life of the party to be confident. However, propping up the wall when you want to be in the center of conversation can kill your confidence. Having all eyes on you at the wrong time and place can also make one feel very unconfident. 

The key to conversation is to remember that it’s a two way street. Give a little. Take a little. Remember, that the people you’re talking to are normal people just like you. They may be just as nervous as you. 

Common interests make a great conversation starter, and people love to talk about themselves. You’ll always have something to say if you can tie a common interest into something about the other person. Here are a few examples:

The weather

It sure is cold out today. Do you like cold weather?

Are you ready for the hurricane?

Do you think it will really snow next Friday?


My name is ___. I work in ____ department. How long have you worked at this company?

What is your favorite part about working in ___ industry?

Big News

Are you planning on watching the Superbowl (or other big sporting event)?

Did you hear about the new ____ coming to town?

What’s your favorite local hangout?

Don’t Go Changin’

Far too many men fall into the trap of believing that to be confident they have to be different. Confidence is all about presenting the best version of yourself inside and out. Showing up as the best version of yourself (personality wise as well as appearance wise) may include making a few changes, but it does not include a total overhaul of your personality. 

To be confident, you do not need to be like some guy you think is confident. Rather, you need to become more comfortable with who you are and the way others perceive you. There is value in each one of us. We may not all be six feet tall and bulging with muscles. We may not all have endless tales of wild weekends to impart at a dinner party, but we’re all worth knowing. It takes confidence to be at peace with who you are and realize that you don’t need to change. 

Attempting to have a Steve Urkel to Stefan Urquette transformation is to confidence what Kryptonite is to Superman. If you’re trying too hard, you’re not comfortable, and it shows. You’re more likely to repel, rather than attract, people if you’re trying to be someone you’re not. 

Be Beard Confident

Beard confidence isn’t about having the perfect beard. It’s about having a beard that is perfect for you. You might have started your beard journey because you liked the way some other guy’s beard looked, but you’ve certainly realized by now that no two beards are the same. Beards are a source of pride and joy for many men, but beard problems can also be the exact opposite of a confidence boost. Here are quick ways to fix the most common beard-related confidence detractors:

The itch

Beards can be very itchy as they start to grow. Constantly picking at your face can make a man feel very self-conscious. Beard oil can help to condition the skin and hair and soothe the itch. If you’re really itchy, take stock of the products you’re using, including soaps, to make sure that you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients. 

The smell

By nature, a beard puts hair, sweat, and the products you use right under your nose. Even if others don’t notice, some men who grow a beard are uncomfortable with its natural scent. If you don’t like the way you smell, it’s pretty hard to be confident. To counteract this problem, moisturize your beard with scented beard oil. Give yourself a subtle yet long-lasting scent (and confidence) boost with solid cologne

The unruliness

Beard hair does not exactly grow prim and proper. Without careful attention, it can easily knot up and grow in several different directions. Beard balm provides a bit of a stronger hold, and a beard brush is excellent at getting your beard to lay the way you want it to. 

Hold your head high. Let your beard grow long, and show the world why everyone should want to know you!

By Smoky Mountain Beards Co.


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