DIY home remodeling can be a blessing or a curse. In good circumstances, it can save thousands of dollars and give you the sense of satisfaction that comes with a job well done. In bad circumstances, it can be a big waste of time and money with lackluster results. 

Experts and regular do-it-yourself guys alike have plenty of tips for making a home remodeling experience pleasant. Here are the top tips for some of the most often remodeled sections of the home: 

For the Kitchen

Islands are all the rage, but all kitchens are not created for islands. Building an island that does not fit well in a space is one of the top complaints from people who remodel a kitchen on their own. 

What can go wrong with an island? A lot. An island creates more counter space, but it also takes up more physical space. A poorly placed island can make it difficult to open drawers and cabinets and make it hard to move around the kitchen. 

To avoid having to demolish an island, test out the placement of it before you nail it down. Fortunately, an island is pretty easy for anyone who knows his way around a saw to create. Simply build a platform, and install a sturdy, appealing countertop on top of it. To give yourself time to test whether the island really words, stop before you add the counter. Use the half-made island as-is for a week or so to make sure it really works in the space. 

For the Bathroom

Painting walls, adding tile, and changing finishings is something the average person can do, but there is a reason that plumbing is a highly paid profession. DIY remodeling can be very fun and rewarding, but some things need to be left to the experts. Save yourself the stress of an indoor flood by leaving plumbing fixtures where they are. A new toilet may be the piece de resistance of your new bathroom. It’s one thing to replace a toilet. It’s another to try to move the toilet (and the pipes) to the other side of the bathroom. Trust us, plumbing needs to be left to plumbers. 

For the Bedroom

Accent walls are both trendy and practical. An accent wall can add a pop of color to refresh a room without committing to a color that you may not like. An accent wall (or two) is also the perfect compromise for spouses who cannot agree on a paint color. 

Let’s face it, people spend a lot of time in their bedroom. The bedroom should be a refuge from the outside world, and colors have been proven to have an impact on a person’s mental state. 

Painting a room is often the easiest, cheapest, and most impactful way of DIY remodeling a bedroom. An accent wall also allows you to work a favorite color into the room, even if that color may be darker than you would desire the whole room to be painted.

Now, go out there and show the world your inner Chip Gaines.

By Smoky Mountain Beards Co.


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