So, you know a guy. You know he likes to keep his beard looking spiffy. You know he would love some beard care stuff, and you’re even wise enough to know that Smoky Mountain Beard Co. is the right place to find what he needs.

There are still a couple of important things you’re not sure of. Does he use beard oil or beard balm? What’s his favorite scent, and does he even comb that mangy thing he calls a beard?

Don’t fret about all of the small details. Smoky Mountain Beard Co. has just the secret to make both givers and receivers of beard-related gifts happy this holiday season. It’s all about the bundles.

Smoky Mountain Beard Co. product bundles are carefully crafted to please any bearded man, whether he’s got a little stubble or a full-on foot long. You don’t have to guess what products the man likes because each bundle includes a wide variety. By gifting a Smoky Mountain Beard Co. product bundle, you may even turn your bearded friend on to a new styling product that he was too chicken to try out on his own. 

The only thing left for you to decide is which one to buy. Here’s are the basics of our bundles:

Name: Build a Better Beard Bundle

Perfect For: Everyone! This bundle includes all of the basics, so it’s good for someone who is brand new to beards or someone who just needs to re-stock on the old favorites. 

Includes: Wooden Beard Comb, Big Beard Soap, Beard Balm, and Beard Oil

Name: Beard Boost Bundle

Perfect For: Scent lovers 

Includes: Wooden Beard Comb, Beard Balm, Solid Cologne, Utility Wash, Big Beard Soap, and 2x Beard Oil

Name: Beard Confident Bundle

Perfect For: Experts and adventurous men

Includes: Comb, Scissors, Big Beard Soap, Utility Wash, 2X Solid Cologne, 2X Beard Oil & 2X Beard Balm

There’s one more thing that will sweeten this whole deal. In the spirit of giving, all of our beard bundles are up to 25% off for a limited time during our winter sale.

Did we say one more? There’s actually something else. If you live in a house with a bearded man, you may be a little leery of buying him anything scented. Trust us. We understand how terrible some scented beard products smell. That’s actually a big part of the reason Smoky Mountain Beard Co. started. Our founder, Nate Toney was determined to create quality beard care products without a gross medicated scent. Smoky Mountain Beard Co. products smell manly and pleasant. In short, these oils and soaps will not stink up the whole house. You’ll be begging your bearded man to put on his Smoky Mountain Beard Co. products, and he’ll be thanking you for giving him the best gift of the year.


By Smoky Mountain Beards Co.


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