The holidays are fast approaching. Good food with good people is in store, but we can all admit that finding gifts can get pretty stressful, especially when the clock is ticking. If you’re looking for a gift for a loved one with a beard, Smoky Mountain Beards is a great place to shop.

Especially if you don’t wear a beard yourself, deciding what to buy can be challenging. What’s the difference between beard oil and a beard balm? Should you buy scented or unscented products? And what’s the deal with all these wooden combs? There’s time to answer those questions another day, but you don’t have to be a beard expert to find an excellent gift for a bearded man. 

Smoky Mountain Beards sells gift cards. You can buy a $10 gift card for a Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange. Or, you could buy a card worth up to $100 for a bigger gift. Gift cards are great because they give the giftee the freedom to choose the products they really want and need.

If gift cards seem too impersonal, you could gift a beard bundle. As part of our winter sale, all bundles are up to 25% off. Each beard bundle includes several of our best-selling products. We’ve specially crafted them with certain beards in mind, but any beard product addict will be happy with all three of our bundles. As another incentive for our winter sale, we are offering free U.S. shipping to anyone placing an order of $75 or more. To learn more about our bundles, be sure to check out our gift giving guide

TL;DR: Bearded guys love their beards. Buy them a gift that will make their beard better, and they’ll love you forever.

By Smoky Mountain Beards Co.


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