The way you wash your beard can make or break your beard care regimen. Your beard won't grow? It might be a problem with the way you wash it. Does your beard itch the living daylights out of you? It might be a problem with the way you wash it. 

We know you know how to wash your beard, but are you sure you're doing it in a way that promotes smooth skin and growth? Here are a few tips to take your morning beard wash to the next level. 

Use the right soap

Our utility wash is a one-of-a-kind product in the sense that you can use it anywhere from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet. This makes beard care, hair care, and skincare so much easier because you don’t have to think or switch between products. If you haven’t got a bottle yet, it’s time to get one.

If you don't use Utility Wash, you've got to keep in mind that all soap is not face soap. All skin is not the same. The skin on your face is far more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body. It's important to use soap specifically created for the face. Even if you have good face soap, the product may still strip your beard of moisture. Try out products to find what works for you. Some guys need one soap for their face and another specifically for working into the length of their beard. 

Use the right water temperature

Use lukewarm water to wash your face. Hot water opens the pores and follicles, which causes them to lose moisture. The heat also disrupts the sebum (good natural oil) on your skin and hair. The sum total of using hot water on your beard and face every morning is dry skin and a brittle, itchy beard. Don't let washing your beard become counterproductive. 

Watch that towel

Towels are made of materials that are abrasive to hair. Stop scrubbing the life out of your beard with a towel, unless you like taking a daily trip to Split Ends City. Instead, gently dab at your beard to blot, not wipe, the water away. 

Following these three tips will help you to wash your beard without scrubbing away moisture and hair. Stay Beard Confident, friends!

By Smoky Mountain Beards Co.


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