At Smoky Mountain Beard Co., we believe in keeping your beard as healthy as can be with all-natural ingredients that are rich in nutrients. Our beard soaps are made with nourishing oils and botanical extracts that leave your skin and facial hair looking healthy and feeling incredibly smooth. 

If you've never used a beard soap before, you've come to the right place. Below, you'll discover why our beard soaps are must-have products for any man who cares about proper grooming practices. 

Reason #1: They're Not Just for Beards

Our beard soaps aren't just for your facial hair. You can wash your whole body with these products thanks to their ability to keep the skin clean, soft and incredibly healthy. These products contain a variety of oils that keep the skin super moisturized throughout the day. While many soaps are known to dry out the skin and damage the hair, our soaps replenish nutrients that keep your skin and hair looking and feeling great. You won't experience that feeling of tightness and dryness after rinsing off in the shower. 

Reason #2: They Smell Absolutely Amazing

All our beard soaps smell absolutely intoxicating thanks to blends of high-quality essential oils. These essential oils are known for clinging to the hair and skin for a long time, meaning that you'll be giving off an incredible scent all day long. If you love warm and spicy scents, you'll adore our Bootlegger Big Beard Soap. This invigorating aroma comes from a blend of spicy Indian sandalwood and smoky, complex bourbon straight from a barrel in Kentucky. If you're more of a sporty kind of guy, you'll enjoy our Cumberland Big Beard Soap that combines woodsy cedar and earthy leather. 

Reason #3: Your Beard Will Look Better Than Ever

Our beard soaps are specially formulated to make your beard look healthier than ever before. Each soap contains ingredients that make hair look full and feel remarkably soft. While many beard products that are on the market today contain harsh chemicals that strip hair of its natural protective oils, these soaps are made with natural ingredients that preserve the health of every strand. We're confident in the quality of our ingredients that we proudly display them on our website. You won't find any questionable chemicals as you browse through the ingredients that we use. Instead, you'll find nutrient-rich oils and extracts that are derived from plants.

The collection of beard soaps from Smoky Mountain Beard Co. has a product for every type of man. All our soaps are made with high-quality, natural ingredients that keep you and your beard looking, smelling and feeling great.