Let Nature Run Wild. Not Your Beard Care

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Let Nature Run Wild. Not Your Beard 

If you don’t mind us saying so, your beard looks amazing. Well done. But, you’d be surprised how many of us manly men just don’t take care of our beards like we should. Beard care isn’t rocket science. It took us so long to get this look. It’s time to give our beards the respect they deserve. That’s why there’s Smoky Mountain Co beard care products. 

You’ve never heard of beard grooming products like beard balm or beard oil? (Insert huge gasp here.) Then, it’s time we introduce you to some of the fines beard care products known to man. Ok, maybe we’re biased, but our customers do brag about us. Let us help you create what Freud called “beard envy” (and no, that doesn’t involve wanting to sleep with anybody)  

Beard Care Helps Ditch The Itch

beard oils, beard grooming kitsWhile growing a beard involves way more of doing nothing than doing something, the itch you get along the way can be agonizing. But, there’s no need for all that. Instead, try some beard oil to soften the hair and moisturize your face. Beard balm will also soften the hair as well as help you shape your beard. Don’t be the guy that looks like you have a family of squirrels living on your chin. Be the guy that people notice for proper beard care. 


Beard Care Isn’t Brain Surgery 


Ibeard balms, beard grooming kitst wasn’t that long ago that beards were a sign of manliness. With all the metrosexuals around, you could make a case for how that’s still true today, but now that you have a face full of whiskers, it’s time to consider taming the beard. From beard soap, beard oil and beard balm, we have exactly the right products to make your beard feel better and look better. 


What Kind Of Man Uses Beard Care Products?

Simple. A man who wants to to be his own guy. You live by your own rules. You work hard. You treat people right. You like things simple.  Your character tells the world you’re a man, and your beard is just an exclamation point. Now, turn that unruly face forest into the finest flavor savor anyone’s seen. Some of the beard grooming products we have available include:
  • Beard Soaps (for your face and your body)
  • Beard Oils
  • Beard Balms
  • Beard combs & brushes
  • Beard Grooming Kits
  • Other cool things we come up with on occasion 

Look your best as you enjoy the sights around Atlanta, tour the riverwalk in Savannah or just passing through Columbus Georgia. Wherever you go in Georgia, let your beard lead the way. Let us help you look your best. 

Browse through our beard care products and see what fits your lifestyle. Click here to read more about how beard care tames your wild side.

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