Beard Oils: What You Need To Know!

Beard Oil For The Manly Man

Ibeard oils, beard care productsIf you have a beard, you've probably heard something about beard oil or beard balms and thought, "Hey, what is all that?" We get it. At Smoky Mountain Beard Company, we're in the business of making your beard life more comfortable. That's why we thought we'd take a moment to explain a little more about beard oil, so the next time the subject comes up, you can impress those around you.

Beard oil absorbs into your skin and hair rapidly. Our Bootlegger beard oil has a distinguishing Bourbon and Sandalwood scent. Beards have become very popular among men in Georgia and across the country. Beard oil absorbs into the skin giving you soft facial hair without feeling greasy. Smoky Mountain beard oil is a combination of all natural oils that help moisturize your beard, keep it healthy, and provide you with a style that is comfortable and good looking.

beard oils, beard balmsOur Conditioning Oils make your beard soft and manageable. 2 Fluid Ounces, to last you twice as long! The oil conditions the skin underneath your beard to eliminate flaking, itching and dryness. We hand pick and blend the best all natural ingredients. Our beard oil will tame your beard and give you smooth, healthy skin under a lush, soft beard.

beard grooming kit, beard oilsOur skin's natural oil washes away when showering or bathing. Beard Oils are meant to soften and hydrate the mustache, beard or goate. The oil softens your beard and tames it while conditioning your skin. No more flakes, or dryness, just smooth, refreshing skin under a lush beard.

Our hand blended beard oil includes the smooth scents of Sandalwood and Bourbon and is made up of the following ingredients:

Jojoba oil: is extremely close to our skin's natural oil that we wash away when bathing. Jojoba oil helps your skin stay hydrated without putting harsh chemicals on your skin.

Argan oil: ultra-hydrating and natural, so if you have sensitive skin or prefer to use natural products, you don't have to worry about putting harsh chemicals on your skin or hair.

Grape seed oil: this oil contains high levels of Vitamin E, which helps strengthen your beard hair. Grape seed oil is also very moisturizing.

Smoky Mountain beard oil is a combination of all natural oils to keep your beard, mustache, goatee and face looking and feeling the best. Browse around all our products and see what makes sense for your beard. You'll be glad you did.   

Click here to learn more about how beard oils & beard balms tame your face!

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