Beard Oil: Treat Your Face

Beard Oils To Make Your Face Happy

Beard Oils, Beard Care Products, Beards are fashionable with men in Georgia and across the country. The best way to maintain a healthy, smooth beard is using beard oil on a regular basis. Smoky Mountain Beard Company has the perfect solution for taking care of your flaking, itchy skin. Beard oil softens the skin to prevent the dryness that develops under the beard. The dry skin causes both irritation and dandruff which can be annoying and embarrassing.

best beard oils, beard grooming productsOur Bootlegger beard oil is hand blended and comes in Sandalwood and Bourbon scent. The oil absorbs into your skin creating a soft, manageable condition. We offer three different types depending on your skin condition and beard length:

Jojoba oil: is extremely close to our skin's natural oil that we wash away when bathing. Jojoba oil helps your skin stay hydrated without putting harsh chemicals on your skin.

Argan oil: ultra-hydrating and natural, so if you have sensitive skin or prefer to use natural products, you don't have to worry about putting harsh chemicals on your skin or hair.

Grape seed oil: is a natural moisturizer that hydrates and repairs the skin. Grape seed oil is unique in that it contains high levels of Vitamin E, which helps strengthen your beard hair.

beard oil, what is beard oilLet's face it growing a thick, full beard is a challenge! Not all of us have the ability or patience to make it through the various stages of growing. Smoky Mountain Beard Company provides the best beard oil to keep your skin & beard looking and feeling it's best. By combing a few drops (1-2 for a thinner, shorter beard and 3-5 for a thicker, fuller beard) When you massage our oil into your dry beard then groom as usual. Use daily or anytime you want that fresh, clean beard feeling.

Smoky Mountain beard oil is a combination of all natural oils to keep your beard, mustache, goatee and face looking and feeling the best.

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