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 All over the internet you can find beard kits for sale with all sorts of different components. This raises a few questions: What do you really need in a beard kit? How much of that stuff is unnecessary? How much should I pay for a good beard kit? This article will help you answer those questions and help you find the right beard kit. We’ll start by going over the basics of beard care.

Trimming Your Beard

            Some people use electric beard trimmers, but we find that for a reliable, precise trim, you can’t beat a comb and scissors. These tools allow you to create the perfect length and style for your beard. But here’s the thing you really need to know: the type of comb and scissors matter. A medium tooth comb is the best for your beard because it will glide easily through your beard and remove tangles without pulling on your beard. If you try to use your average household safety scissors to trim your beard, you’re going to have a bad time and an even worse beard. Invest in a pair of barber’s scissors with stainless steel blades. These are durable and won’t rust. Designed to cut hair, they won’t pull your beard or fail to cut.

Keeping Your Beard Clean and Healthy

            Having a beard is great. Having a dirty beard, that’ll get you nowhere in life. Without a doubt, the best way to keep your beard clean is to use a beard soap with natural ingredients. These are specially crafted to make your beard softer and more manageable without harsh ingredients. This is one of the best ways to make your beard and skin look and feel healthier. But cleaning your beard isn’t the only step towards having first-rate facial hair. Beard balms and beard oils help moisturize your beard and keep it in great shape. These tools are optimal for conditioning and styling. To make these even more effective, a beard brush can be used to distribute balms and oils all throughout your beard, ensuring the whole thing is full and healthy.  Brush with firm, natural bristles is the best for the job.

So What do You Need?

            In summary, you can have a god-like beard with these few tools:

  • Medium tooth comb
  • Stainless steel barber’s scissors
  • Beard soap (natural ingredients)
  • Beard balm (natural ingredients)
  • Beard oil (You guessed it, natural ingredients)
  • Firm-bristle beard brush

            These six things make up the perfect beard kit. The only thing left to know is where to get them. At Smoky Mountain Beard Co., we not only offer all of these products, but we even sell them together in a convenient, great value, premium beard kit. So waste no time in checking out our online store and getting started on your outstanding beard.

To learn more about beard care products like which is better:  beard oil or beard balm, click here. 

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