Beard Care The Texas Way


Beard Care For Men Who Think Big

When it comes to growing facial hair in Texas, we don’t do things halfway. Soul patches? Nah, let’s talk real beards for real men. We believe in the simple life. You treat people right. Work hard and get results. But, we don’t fit into any molds. We like to do things our way. That’s why when it comes to beard care, we want the best. That’s Smoky Mountain Beard Company. 

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Beard Care That Helps Ditch The Itch

Your beard looks amazing, but it doesn’t always feel good. In fact, the itch can drive a sane man crazy. That’s why our beard products can ease the itch. Our beard oils and beard balms help soften and condition your beard and turn your rebellious bristles into the face fleece you’re looking for.



Beard Care Products For Today’s Man

Growing a beard requires a whole lot more of not doing anything than doing something, but growing a nice beard could surely use a little extra help. Beard oil can help soften your whiskers, and beard balm can not only ease the itch, but help shape your beard as well.

What Kind Of Man Uses Beard Grooming Products? 

best beard care, beard oilsSimple. A man who wants to define his own character. Let’s face it, you didn’t grow a beard because you wanted to blend in did you? (Ok, you may not have even put that much thought into it. You’re probably like us- we hate dragging a razor across our faces every day.) Our beard care products help you manage the face fur and turn it into a thing of beauty. Some of the beard grooming products we have available include:  

  • Beard Soaps (Kill two birds & use them on your body too!)
  • Beard Oils
  • Beard Balms
  • Beard combs & brushes
  • Beard grooming kits
  • Other cool things we come up with on occasion.  

You work hard. You’re kind to people. You take life on your own terms and you like things simple. We just think it’s time to take care of that part of you that’s helped defined your lifestyle. Browse through all our beard care products and see what makes sense to you today.

So, whether you'r hauling a load from Dallas Texas to San Antonio, going to your business meeting in Houston or just relaxing listening to your favorite local band in Austin, your beard makes a great first impression. Get the beard care the Smoky Mountain Way. 

Click here for information about beard care for men in Ohio.

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