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Beard Care That Cares!

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Having a beard takes a lot of work. Well, actually, it takes a lot of not shaving. But, when it comes to beard care, you want the best products out there. We’re Smoky Mountain Beard Company and quite simply, we want take care of your face.

When it comes to growing a beard, you have a lot of choices. You could grow a Duck Dynasty crumb catcher. You could grow the urban face sweater. You could sport the “I’m not really growing a beard. I’m just trying to look like a hipster that hasn’t shaved in a couple of days (but it’s really been weeks). There are a lot of variety of beards out there. We have the beard care products you need to not only look great but feel great as well.

 Beard Care That Helps You Ditch The Itch

We hear it from our furry brethren all the time. Typically, the feedback goes something like, “I love how my face looks with a beard, but my face itches so badly I want to rip it off”. Now, you don’t have to!

beard oil, beard grooming productsWith our beard oils and beard balms, you can not only sooth the itch, but you can style your beard to look the way you want it to. With our beard care products, you can turn your kiss killer into the lady tickler she can’t stay away from. Some of the beard care we offer includes:

  • Beard Soaps (for your face and your body)
  • Beard Oils
  • Beard Balms
  • Beard Shampoos
  • Beard Kits That Make Great Gifts
  • Other cool beard type things that we come up with on occasion. 

    Shop our online store to get a feel for what we have. We think you’ll be impressed with how well we take care of your face!

    Begin Beard Care With Beard Oils

     For those who are new to the art of beard care, it’s a good idea to start with a nice beard oil. We make our own beard oils and it’s a great way to help you maintain a healthy, smooth beard as well as take care of flaking, itchy skin. Beard oil softens the skin to prevent the dryness that develops under the beard. The dry skin can cause both irritation and dandruff which can be annoying and embarrassing. Beard oil helps soothes while conditioning your skin.

    beard oils, beard care productsOur Bootlegger beard oil is hand blended and comes in sandalwood and a light bourbon scent. Take a deep breath. Smell that wonderful scent. Yeah, that could be you. We offer three different types of beard oil depending on your skin condition and beard length:

    Jojoba oil: is a natural, clean smelling beard oil that helps your skin stay hydrated without any harsh chemicals.

    Argan oil: is for those of us with sensitive skin. (It’s ok to admit it!). This is an ultra-hydrating and natural beard oil. It smells and feels great!

    Grape seed oil: is a natural moisturizer that hydrates and treats your skin. Grape seed oil is unique in that it contains high levels of Vitamin E, which helps strengthen your beard hair.

    Let’s face it, not everyone has the chops to grow muttonchops. If you’re one of the lucky few that has what it takes to grow a healthy chin curtain, then it’s time you take care of your face. Let Smoky Mountain Beard Company help. Click here to read about beard care for guys who care.

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