Beard Care That Helps You Ditch The Itch!

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Beard Care That Sooths Insanity

While growing a beard involves way more of not doing something than actually doing something, the whole experience can be a fairly itchy process. A nice beard oil can help not only ease the insanity, but actually get your beard looking its very best. And, let’s face it, a happy beard is a happy man.

Beard Care...Schmeard Care

You’re beard is magnificent. It’s definitely proof of your manliness. But, your face fur is something you needs attention and care just like the rest of you. That’s where proper beard care comes in. Beard oil, beard balms and other amazing beard care products make your beard a thing of pride. 

Never heard of beard oil or beard balm? Gasp! Then, allow us to introduce you to the finest in beard grooming. You know how itchy your beard can get? That’s because beard hair can get stiff and unruly. Beard oils and balms not only help condition the old face fur, but also helps moisturize your skin. Overall, they help keep your face healthy. Beard balms can help more with beard shaping as well as beard grooming. 


What Kind Of Man Uses Beard Care Products?

Simple. A man who wants to define his own character. Hey, you didn’t grow a beard because you wanted to look like everyone else now did you? You’re your own man. Now, turn that unruly face forest into the finest flavor savor anyone’s seen. Our beard balms not only help you condition your beard, but help you shape it to reflect your personality. Some of the beard grooming products we have available include:  
  • Beard Soaps (ok, you can use them on your body too!)
  • Beard Oils (did we mention that already?)
  • Beard Balms (yeah, we’re almost sure we mentioned that)
  • Beard Grooming Kits
  • Beard combs & brushes
  • Other cool things we come up with on occasion.  

You work hard. You’re kind to people you know. You live your life on your own terms. You like to keep things simple. We just think it’s time to take care of that part of you that’s helped defined your lifestyle. 

Look your best as you enjoy the music festivals in Austin Texas, handle your business in Dallas or kick back and relax in Houston. Wherever you go in Texas, let your beard lead the way. Let us help you look your best. 

Browse through our beard care products and see what fits your lifestyle. Try the Smoky Mountain Beard Co tradition.

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