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Beard Care Products That Tame Your Face

beard care, beard care productsGrowing a beard is man’s work indeed (at least we hope!). But, your incoming beard can make you itch so bad that you want to cry like a schoolgirl or punch something stupid. That’s why Smoky Mountain Beard care products were developed- to reduce the insanity inducing itch and to generally make your pathway to manliness a smoother journey.

Naturally, you have options with your beard care. You can be that guy with the well-groomed beard. You could be the guy with the beard that defines “crumb catcher” or somewhere in between. Either way, our beard grooming products can help your beard be silky soft rather than growing steel wool on your face. We have beard oils and beard balms that can help you ditch the itch and smell nice too. Who wouldn’t like to smell a little better? Our beard care products will help you look good and feel good too.

Beard Oils & Beard Balms

beard grooming kits, beard oilsYou may find this hard to believe, but some guys have never heard of beard grooming products like beard balm or beard oil. (Right?) Then, it’s time “they” learn about some of the best beard care products known to man. Now, you could say we’re slightly biased, but our customers brag about us all the time. It’s sort of going to our heads. Freud called it “beard envy”, but that’s exactly what you’ll create when you start using our beard products.

While it’s true that growing a beard involves way more of doing nothing than doing something, beard oils moisturize your skin so the itching that occurs that makes waterboarding sound like a fun Saturday night. No need to suffer. Try some beard oil or beard balm to moisturize and condition your beard as well as help shape it. Don’t be the guy that looks like he has a family of squirrels living on his chin. Be the guy that people notice because of proper beard care.

Beard Care Isn’t Brain Surgery

beard balms, beard care kitsJust a few generations ago, beards were a sign of manliness. With all the metrosexuality around now, you could make a valid case for how that’s still true today, but now that you have a full face sweater, it’s time to consider taming the whiskers. From beard soap, beard oil and beard balm, we have exactly the right products to make your beard feel better and look better.

What Kind Of Man Uses Beard Care Products?

Simple. A man who wants to to be his own guy. You live by your own rules. You work hard. You treat people right. You like things simple. Your character tells the world you’re a man, and your beard is just an exclamation point. Now, turn that unruly face forest into the finest flavor savor anyone’s seen. Some of the beard grooming products we have available include:

  • Beard Soaps (for your face and your body)
  • Beard Oils
  • Beard Balms
  • Beard Shampoos
  • Beard Kits That Make Great Gifts
  • Other cool beard type things that we come up with on occasion.

We’re located in Atlanta Georgia, but hey, we ship wherever you are. It’s a big world, but our friends that drive delivery trucks make everybody feel like they’re next door.

Browse through our beard products and see what fits your lifestyle. Try the Smoky Mountain tradition. Click here to read more about beard care and your face.

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