Beard Balms, Butters, and Waxes - What Do You Need?

It's easy to get confused with all of the different products available for your beard.  Beard Balm... Beard Butter... Beard Wax... it can get messy.  And I mean that both literally and figuratively.  So, let's clear up the confusion, and get you on the right path to the best product(s) for your beard.

Balm - What's In A Name?

best beard balmsWhen it comes to Beard Care Products, the term "Balm" has been around for a while.  It has been used as the go-to for any product that isn't a liquid form of conditioner.  And no matter what the name... balms, butters, jellies, waxes, oils, blah blah blah... they are just beard conditioners.

Think of the term "Balm" as a category.  And in that category, is an entire spectrum of products ranging from soft and gooey, to hard-as-a-rock.

Butter - "Soft & Gooey"

beard butterThese are the balms that may be labeled as a "Butter".  Beard Butter is a marketing buzz-word.  But in reality, it's really just a type of balm.

Usually, these balms with have a butter (Shea/Cocoa/Mango/etc.) listed as the first ingredient.  Being first, means it makes up most of the product.  They have excellent conditioning properties, and offer a light styling hold.

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Wax - "Hard As A Rock"

These are sometimes still labeled as Balms, but should probably be labeled as a Wax.  Usually, Beeswax is the first ingredient - again, making up most of the product.  They may still contain Butters, but in a smaller ratio.  Used for light conditioning, but mainly for styling hold, as some of these are what gets used to sculpt beards into crazy shapes.

The Soft and Hard of it...

Well, it all boils down to what your intended use is.  Are you looking for a deep conditioning product?  Do you want to style your beard?  Both?

Softer, butter-based = deep conditioning/low styling

Harder, wax-based = high styling/light conditioning

If you want a balm that does both, and does both well... you're already in the right place.  Smoky Mountain Beard Co.'s 5-Star Reviewed Balms are the perfect balance of conditioning and hold - giving you the best of both worlds.  A soft beard that looks great!

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