We hope you’re enjoying this incredibly hot summer! Thanks to our trusty old farmer’s almanac, we knew this would be a perfect time for our Summer of Scents series. We’ve loved hearing your stories of how our scented beard and body products are helping you to beat the heat (and the BO!)

Cumberland is our scent that has notes of cedar and leather. It’s a very bold fragrance that so many of you love. As you may know, all of our scents (and our name) take inspiration from the iconic Smoky Mountains and the people and places that make the Appalachian region so special. 

The Cumberland scent is inspired by the Cumberland Gap. We thought we’d take a brief interruption from our usual beard focused activity to tell you about this can’t miss aspect of the Smokies. 

Here are 5 facts about the Cumberland Gap:

  1. Native Americans used to call it Warrior’s Path. Until modern roads came along, what we now call the Cumberland Gap was one of the safest and easiest places to pass through the treacherous Smoky Mountains.
  2. In colonial times, the Cumberland Gap served as an important passageway for settlers leaving the East for a new life out West. 
  3. Today, the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park Association helps to tell its history and keep sites open for visitors.
  4. The Cumberland Gap stretches across three states.
  5. The Cumberland Gap includes Gap Cave. Just like it sounds, that’s a real cave you can tour. If you’ve always wanted to get your Tom Sawyer on, this is a perfect place to explore. Just don’t get lost like he did. 


If you’re more of a visual learner, go explore the many facets of the Cumberland Gap for yourself this summer. If you’re more of a nasal learner, purchase a tin of solid cologne so that you can experience Cumberland without leaving your home.
By Smoky Mountain Beards Co.


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