Have you ever wanted to know the story behind the Smoky Mountain Beards logo? The Smoky Mountain man is fashioned after historic bootleggers and moonshiners of the region. That’s why January 17th, National Bootlegger day, is a very special occasion in this neck of the woods. 

National Bootlegger Day celebrates the history of the so-called outlaws of the Prohibition Era. If you’re ready for a not-so-boring history lesson, you’re in the right place. 

What Is a Bootlegger?

Back in the 1800s, the term bootlegger rose to popularity when traders hid flasks of spirits in the leg of their boots. In the Prohibition Era, bootleggers became household names. Laws around the sale of alcohol were already a point of contention in the Smoky Mountains before Prohibition. 

In Ireland and Scotland, the production and enjoyment of moonshine were quite popular. When people from that part of the world started to settle in the Appalachian Mountains, they brought their homemade spirits with them. Locals made a pretty penny selling their moonshine to one another. Things (almost) came to a screeching halt when a hefty excise tax was added to the sale of moonshine. That’s what drove many moonshiner operations underground, and they had to get even more secretive when Prohibition became the law. 

The drink that we all know and love today started being called moonshine because its makers were in hiding. They had to ply their trade under the hazy light of the moon when they were less likely to be caught. The story doesn’t stop there. It gets even cooler! 

Scarface and the Smoky Mountains

Al “Scarface” Capone is a big part of the reason that National Bootleggers Day happens on January 17th. January 17th is his birthday. The notorious mobster rose through the ranks of the toughest street gangs of Chicago in the 20s and early 30s. He made a lot of his money through racketeering in Chicago, but his branch of the Colosimo mob was also heavily involved in the illegal production and sale of alcohol during Prohibition. 

Rumor has it that Al Capone had a storage site for the illegal spirits somewhere in the Smoky Mountains. If the stories are true, he would smuggle his goods from the Smokies to sell them in Chicago speakeasies. There has never been solid evidence for this rumor, but it certainly makes a very interesting local legend. 

Bootleggers Day Sale

If the Bootlegger scent is your favorite, this is your time to stock up. In honor of the holiday, we’re launching a Bootlegger Bundle for a limited time. 

The Bootlegger Bundle Includes:

1 Bootlegger Scented Beard Oil

1 Bootlegger Scented Beard Balm

1 Bootlegger Scented Big Beard Soap

1 Bootlegger Scented Solid Cologne


1 FREE Beard Comb

Price: $79.99 National Bootlegger's Day Bundle

Our Bootlegger scent is inspired by the kind of great liquor that you can only find in distilleries around the Smokies. The main note is sandalwood, and it has heady hints of bourbon and wood. Celebrate and save with the Bootlegger Bundle!

By Smoky Mountain Beards Co.


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