For the month of March 2022, our product of the month is solid cologne. While our solid cologne is a staple for many members of the Smoky Mountain Beards family, we recognize that this particular men's grooming product is not as common as something like beard oil or regular cologne. 

The number one reason men don’t try solid cologne is that they are not sure how to use it or if it works as effectively as the spray colognes they’re used to. There are plenty of things that make solid cologne a great choice, but how exactly do you use the stuff? We’ve got you covered!  

How Much Solid Cologne Should You Use?

With solid cologne, less is truly more. Smoky Mountain Beard solid colognes have just the right amount of fragrance. Since the scent is concentrated in solid wax, you don’t have to slather yourself in the product to get all-day use out of it. 

All it takes is one or two light swipes or swirls around the tin to get enough product. Depending on how much fragrance you’d like to apply, use the flat side of just one or two fingertips. Don’t dig into the cologne. Just gently glide your fingers across the product. Ideally, a single use will not cause any indentations in the wax. One tin of Smoky Mountain Beards solid cologne should last even the most heavy-handed scent lover for months. 

Where Should You Apply Solid Cologne?

Solid cologne works best when you apply it to your pulse points. These are the parts of your body a person would touch if they were going to take your pulse. The lower jaw and the sides of the wrist make awesome application sites. 

When you put the cologne on your pulse points, the blood that passes by and makes your pulse palpable throughout the day will create just enough heat and motion to keep reviving the smell of the cologne. 

How Should You Apply Solid Cologne?

If it’s your first time using solid cologne, just apply one swipe of the finger’s worth of product per pulse point. Some guys put the product on both wrists and both sides of the jaw. You may prefer one of each, or just one or the other. Find what works for you.

Once you’ve got a portion of cologne on your fingers, dab the product on the pulse point. Next, gently massage the solid cologne into the skin. You don’t want to smear it everywhere, so it’s best to stick to using the flat pads of your fingers to spread it around. Remember that you want to focus most of the product on the pulse point. 

That completes the job. With minimal effort, you’re going to smell manly and awesome all day long. Life is complicated enough. Smelling good should be simple. Order a tin of solid cologne to give yourself the gift that just keeps on giving.
By Smoky Mountain Beards Co.


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