Men are putting everything but car oil on their skin to try to prevent breakouts and stay moisturized. What if the answer was much simpler than the latest, greatest life hack? During the winter months, harsher weather conditions mean our skin and beard care regimens may need adjustment. 

Most people shower every day (we hope) and that could be the first of many errors that keeps your skin in a constant state of not working right during the winter. Before you take your next shower, you just may want to turn down the heat. 

Why Hot Showers Aren’t Always Best

In the wintertime, it’s only natural to want to do everything we can to keep warm. That’s why a lot of people take long, hot showers, and no one is exactly eager to splash cold water on their face when it’s freezing outside. We’re not suggesting you take an ice bath in December, but hot showers in the winter are counterproductive for skin and beard health. 

In most regions, winter means there is less humidity in the air, which can leave skin feeling especially dry and itchy. People who have skin conditions, like eczema, are especially prone to flare up during the winter months. 

The Effect of Hot Showers on Skin

Natural oils in the skin make up a barrier that locks in moisture and protects the skin. Hot showers can wash those oils away. This happen specifically by disturbing keratin cells on the outer layer of the skin. The steam opens up pores, which also releases moisture, leaving the skin drier later. Some studies even show that heat can trigger mast cells in the skin to release histamines, which causes the skin to itch. 

When there is more humidity, hence moisture, in the air, the skin can more adequately recover from the negative effect of a hot shower. Without the helping hand of humidity, skin is left dry, itchy, and irritated.

What Should You Do?

Try to turn down the heat a little bit the next time you shower. Rather than warming up by allowing yourself to steam in a hot shower, settle for a lukewarm shower. Your skin will thank you later!

In addition to making sure you are not doing anything to reduce the amount of moisture in your skin, you can also give your skin the extra winter TLC it needs by adding moisture and sealing that moisture. 

Winter is the season to use heavier skin products. For example, thicker body creams and butters may do a better job than lotion at helping the skin recover from the drying weather. Winter is the perfect time to really direct beard oils to the skin and roots to make sure the face and beard have all the moisture and nourishment it needs. A beard balm is an excellent thicker beard product to seal in moisture and give the skin an extra boost. 

To take care of your skin this winter, turn down the heat in the shower, and turn up the moisture in your skin and beard care regimen.

By Smoky Mountain Beards Co.


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